About Beeckman Company

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Beeckman Company is a family owned company, 2 generations of elastic manufacturers. Originally manufacturers of elastics for clothing industry, we focused on bungee cord and bungee cord assemblies since the end of the nineties.

Innovation and quality are our keywords. To achieve long-term and steady business relationship is our priority commitment. Correct and competitive prices are very important factors. That's why we have built a brand new plant in Penang, Malaysia, called 2 Secure Products.

We are also business partners of the Melacca plant, called Formaweb, but we still have our own domestic manufacturing capability in Belgium.

2 Secure Products



Rubber extrusion.
Textile braiding.
Metal and plastic hook manufacturing.

Webbings, webslings and roundslings.
Lashing straps.

Beeckman Company stands for quality and innovation at the best possible prices. Our products are distributed in many European countries under our brandnames 2 Secure Products, Belico and several private labels.